How did we get here?

Our Mission

CTM Tech have a vast knowledge of working within sectors with varying client bases. As a result of this, we understand no two requirements are the same. This is how we have built a skill set that allows us to think ‘Outside of the box’. We look at problems from an IT Consultant view first, and an IT support view second.

We enable SMB’s by providing IT Solutions, so they can relax knowing their data is safe, their workflows is streamlined and the technology is fit for purpose.

This stands true to our companies Mission:

We believe our skills and experience can be used to remove inefficiencies by providing secure, streamlined and productive IT Solutions.

Core Values

Not utilising technology has a significant impact on the way businesses function. CTM Tech ensure technical and security best practices are followed. All services provided are based on our companies core values:

Reliability and Support enables Trust

These core values are included in decision making for our technology stack and the vendors that we work with. Our Full Managed IT Services has been tailored for what we believe to be a must have for any business to be operate safely. Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, Anti-SPAM and Cyber Security training is all included by default.