IT Security

Should I be doing more to protect my data?

Cyber Security is the one of the hottest topic in the IT world at present. Since the GDPR regulations came into place in 2017. Companies are now held responsible for data breaches and must ensure they are protecting the data they hold.

SMB’s need to take all forms of IT security seriously. CTM Tech can help audit, implement and maintain security standards. Layering security best practices throughout IT provides preventative measures.

Network Security – Its not just your Firewall that can be compromised. Protection is required at all touch points for your data. From WiFi Access Points / Switches / Routers / Firewalls / IoT

CTM Tech recommend a Zero Trust approach using our Secure Global Network

Workstation and Server Security – Security policies enforced on endpoints. Patch Management to protect against OS security flaws. Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM protection. Web Content Filtering.

Encryption – A stolen device could be a catalyst to information from your company being leaked. disk encryption stops this from being possible.

2 Factor authentication  РUsers require a password and another form of authentication such as Text Authentication or an app on a smart phone.

Cyber Security Awareness Training – To help protect your systems, users should go through awareness training to point out common phishing attacks, or other threats.

All of these features are included within the Full Managed IT services